The purity of a water
that comes from the earth of the

It is here, above Lake Como, that mineral water Fontelaura has its origin, pleasurable, light, extremely digestible, with a very small amount of sodium.


quality and health


Fontelaura Pet 1,5 l natural

Fontelaura is the healthy side to every meal and to any other moment of the day. Fontelaura is pure water that spurts from mountain rocks, in the green valley dominated by Mount Grona’s massif. The bottle in PET is handy and it preserves, all the chemical and physical properties of spring water. More informations for resellers
Fontelaura  Pet 1,5 l natural

Chemical and Physical Chemical Analysis

Department of general Chemistry of the university of Pavia

Temperature of the water at the source 11.5°C
ph at 20° 7,4
Electrical Conductivity at 20° 345 µS/cm
TDS at 180° 210 mg/l
Free carbon dioxide CO2/l 11.8 mg/l

Substances dissolved in one liter of water expressed in ions:

Calcium Ca++ 42,5 mg
Magnesium Mg++ 22,8 mg
Sodium Na+ 1,6 mg
Potassium K+ 0,5 mg
Hydrocarbon HCO-3 235 mg
Sulphates SO--4 7 mg
Nitrates NO-3 6,9 mg
Chlorides CI- 1,6 mg
Silica SIO-2 5,5 mg
Pavia, 25 June 2012